New lockdowns ordered as India virus cases cross 1 million mark

PATNA (HRNW) – One of India s most impoverished states went into lockdown Thursday, but near-normal traffic on Bihar s streets showed the difficulty of corralling over 125 million people.

India is the third country, after the US and Brazil, to log 1 million Covid-19 cases and the eighth to register over 25,000 deaths. India’s caseload has risen from 8 lakh to 10 lakh (1 million) in just six days, as compared with nine while moving from 6 lakh to 8 lakh and 11 for the previous 2 lakh cases. Likewise, the death toll has risen from 20,000 to 25,000 in just 10 days.

The lockdown in the northern state bordering Nepal started as India reported more than 600 deaths in the previous 24 hours, and the Red Cross warned the virus was spreading at “an alarming rate” across South Asia.

With India s caseload crossing one million — and fatalities reach over 25,000 — local authorities across the country are reimposing restrictions that have only recently been lifted.

Bihar, a largely rural state with feeble health infrastructure, went into a 15-day lockdown at midnight, a day after IT hub Bangalore — home to 13 million people — shut down for a week.

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