US scientists urge government to renounce nuclear tests

WASHINGTON (HRNW) – Top US scientists called on President Donald Trump- Thursday to not resume nuclear weapons tests, saying such tests would heighten the risk of a nuclear war.

In a letter published on the 75th anniversary of the world s first atom bomb test in 1945, about 70 scientists, including a half-dozen Nobel Prize recipients, questioned the Trump administration s possible plan to end a 28-year moratorium on tests.

Doing so “could increase the danger of another nuclear arms race as well as an inadvertent or intentional nuclear war,” they said in the letter published in the journal Science.

“Following in the long tradition of scientists opposing nuclear weapons due to their harmful effects on both humanity and the planet, we ask the US government to desist from plans to conduct nuclear tests,” they said.

The Washington Post reported in late May that the Trump administration had discussed the possibility of undertaking a nuclear weapons test to send a warning to Russia and China, both nuclear powers.

There was no agreement on doing so, but the report sparked concerns in the community committed to arms and nuclear weapons control.

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