No dual system, takeover of Karachi on cards: Haleem Adil

Karachi (HRNW)- We want to serve Karachi and resolve its lingering civic issues; however, no any dual system or takeover of the megacity in on the cards, said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh, here Thursday.

Addressing a press conference in Hunaid Lakhani Secretariat, he said during two years, the PTI government has given a lot of progress and prosperity to the country. He said we salute Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team as he has cleaned the mess of past in just two years. He said in Imran Khan the nation had got an honest, patriotic and brave leader and he is the fulfillment of the dreams of Qauid e Azam and Allama Iqbal.

He said for last week there are allegations that the federal government wanted to occupy Karachi. He said these allegations are not true. He said we want to do the tasks for which a coordination committee has already been formed. He said if Karachi is developed, whole Sindh and whole Pakistan would be benefitted as 64 percent revenue of Pakistan and 90percent tax of Sindh is collected from Karachi. He said there is no takeover and no dual system. He said to talk about the progress and prosperity of Karachi is not an enmity to the megacity.

Haleem Adil said we want that gutters of Karachi are cleaned, its roads repaired and its 50 years old buses are replaced with new ones. He asked if this an enmity to Karachi. He said Karachi is Sindh and Sindh is Karachi, adding we are against new province or a dual system.

He asked the funds given to provincial government during last 1 years were really spent for progress and development of Karachi. He asked the PPP not to hide its failures behind its ‘Sindh card’. He said the PPP has always tried to mislead masses through ethnic-leaning slogans. He said this is time to shun the politics of ethnicity and extremism. He said on one hand the PPP is sitting in the committee and one the other hands Nisar Khuhro is arranging protest demos.

He said during last two years the PTI government has steered Pakistan clear from crisis. It had returned loans of Rs5000 billion taken by the previous government. It has inked agreement with IMF. It has given incentives to increase exports. The external deficit is reduced from $20bn to $3bn. It has decreased expenses of civil and military administrations. It has not taken any loan from State Bank of Pakistan this year.

Haleem Adil said during two years remittances are increased by $23bn. SBP reserves are increased by $12.5bn. Our stock exchange is the second best stock exchange of the world. Non-tax revenues are increased by Rs1.4trllion. He said our economy is improving fast. The government has given health cards and set up shelter homes. Ehsaas cash emergency program is the largest program of Pakistan. He said our friendship with China is increasing. He said reports of commission in Sugar mafia scandal and other scandals are made public. He said the opposition wants NRO but no NRO would be given to them.

Sindh Baitul Mal Chairman Hunaid Lakhani said unemployment is the major problem of Pakistan. He said PTI government during last two years has attained a lot of successes. We have saved the country from a default. He said Imran Khan is not an ordinary leader and he has ensured that the wheels of economy are running. He said we sent NDMA to improve situation in Karachi. He said our policy on coronavirus went successful. He said Bill Gates and president of the UN have praised Pakistan in this regard. He said we have supported 7million families through Ehsaas cash emergency program.

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