No, Manghopir crocodiles didn’t roam Karachi’s roads during the rain

KARACHI: (HRNW) Karachi was submerged following destructive monsoon rains on Tuesday. Many areas were inundated and videos of cars floating away and people walking in knee-deep water started making rounds on social media. A forwarded message and video claiming that crocodiles have escaped from Manghopir and were spotted on roads were shared on WhatsApp too.

The Sindh Wildlife Department received complaints and sent two officials, Hasnain and Naeem, went to the Manghopir shrine and found the news to be “baseless”.

Wildlife Inspector Naeem said that they had received complaints of people spotting a crocodile in the ground near Akhtar School in New Karachi. When we came to the location, we even met the man who claimed he saw the reptile. He even showed a video on his mobile phone to the wildlife team but they deduced that the video was from India and not Pakistan.

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