Uzair Baloch indicted in murder of gangster Arshad Pappu

KARACHI: (HRNW) A Karachi Anti-Terrorism Court indicted on Wednesday Lyari gang leader Uzair Baloch in the murder of gangster Arshad Pappu.

Baloch has denied the charges. The court has ordered the prosecution to present its witnesses at the next hearing. An amended chargesheet was filed, adding Baloch’s name to the case.

Baloch has requested the judge who recorded his confessional statement to appear before the ATC. He wants him to submit an affidavit and be questioned regarding his confession. He had previously denied ever recording a confessional statement.

He also said that he is not in jail custody and is being kept by the Rangers at the Mitha Ram Hostel. The jail police only bring me for my trials but otherwise have no role in my custody, he claimed.

Baloch’s case is being heard at the ATC in the Judicial Complex at Karachi Central Jail.

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