Past govts. have not spared an institution like Bait-ul-Mal: Hunaid Lakhani

Islamabad/Karachi (HRNW) A three-member audit committee meeting of Bait-ul-Mal Sindh was held under the Chairmanship of Bait-ul-Mal Sindh Chief Hunaid Lakhani. During the meeting, Member Bait ul Mal Gilgat Baltistan Adeel Shigri briefed the Director Audit Bait-ul-Mal Muhammad Khizar and Hunaid Lakhani in detail about the current situation, accounts and presented a detailed report of the performance of the organization in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Chief Bait-ul-Mal Sindh Hunaid Lakhani said that previous govts have not spared Bait-ul-Mal, all our policies are for poverty alleviation and the government is coming up with a comprehensive plan to reduce poverty. Financing people who are living below the poverty line but financing or aid will never reduce or eliminate poverty but it is only a temporary solution.

He also said that Bait-ul-Mal fund is helping people in need. The federal government and Bait-ul-Mal Sindh are trying to take steps to eradicate poverty on a future basis. In this regard, projects like training of people, loans on easy terms for small business, facilitation of access to education and provision of basic facilities will have to be started.

Hunaid said previous govts did not even leave an institution like Bait-ul-Mal in it. There is also corruption in it. We are trying our best to improve the performance of the institution and make it easier for the common and poor people to access the institution.

Chief Bait ul Mal Sindh also said we are trying to run the treasury by following the religious teachings. He further said that they want to serve the Pakistani nation wholeheartedly and solve their problems as it is not only our responsibility but also our heartfelt desire.


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