Mainz, Stuttgart and Bielefeld demand redistribution of TV revenue

Bundesliga clubs Mainz, VfB Stuttgart and Arminia Bielefeld and second division Jahn Regensburg are promoting a campaign for a redistribution of television revenue, newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported on Sunday.

The main demand of the clubs is all national and international TV revenues from the 2020-21 season onwards to go into the same pot for first and second division clubs.

The German football league (DFL) expects 250 million euros (292 million dollars) per season from the international market. The four clubs want 20 per cent of this amount to go to second league teams, meaning they would get 50 million euros per year – instead of the current eight million euros – at the expense of Champions League and Europa League participants.

The debate about the distribution of media revenues has been a main topic again during the coronavirus crisis. The DFL board wants to decide on the new distribution this year.

In particular the income from Champions League games widen the gap between top clubs and the rest of the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich should be paid 115.69 million euros after their triumph last season as ruling body UEFA won’t make any cuts despite lower revenues amid the coronavirus crisis.

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