Imran Niazi is the biggest corona virus for the country at the moment: Taimur Talpur

Karachi (HRNW) Provincial Minister for Information Science and Technology Nawabzada Muhammad Taimur Talpur has said that Imran Niazi is the biggest corona virus for the country at the moment, because in his government the people are unemployed, suffering from inflation, power and gas cuts. The prices of medicines, petrol and dollars are out of people reach.

In a statement issued from Talpur House, the provincial minister said that the historic successful public gathering in Karachi has put the federal government on fire. In the historic meeting, the people protested against the federal government’s unconstitutional ordinance on islands, inflation and unemployment.

He said that the puppet Prime Minister Imran Khan should now assess the mood of the people of Sindh and should open his eyes and withdraw the ordinance of the islands otherwise the people of Sindh will now blow up this ordinance of the islands.

Mr. Talpur further said that now the people of Sindh will not remain silent against the excesses of the federal government. The PDM will continue to work with the democratic forces and the people to restore true democracy in the country and send this fake government home. He said that the only demand of the people was that they do not want the federal government of Imran Khan.

The minister demanded immediate resignation of the prime minister and holding new elections in the country to give the people a chance to make better decisions. He said the puppet prime minister himself could do nothing.

The minister said that the survival and development of this country is in honor of the vote. In the current situation, the federal government is scared of the PDM movement and is confused. The federal government wants to provoke us but we will not be provoked. He claimed that the prime minister’s senses were telling him that the ground was shaking under his feet.

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