Lahore Arts Council is going to hold “Alhamra Children’s Theater Festival”

Lahore (HRNW)- An important press conference was held here on Tuesday at Alhamra Arts Centre, the Mall. In which Chairperson BOG Alhamra Moneeza Hashmi and executive director LAC Saman Rai participated. In which Ms Rai announced that the Lahore Arts Council is going to hold “Alhamra Children’s Theater Festival” for the entertainment and training of children.
It was informed in the conference that Alhamra is working for the promotion and development of art, music, painting, theatre and other skills while carrying forward its brilliant traditions.
Executive Director Saman Rai informed the media about Alhamra’s upcoming programs in which the following topics were covered. Regarding the theatre festival, Rai said that the council announced all theatre houses to submit their scripts to the council by October 25. She further said that a CATALOG based on the work of 16th Young Artists. Exhibition’s participants across the country were also unveiled, and a documentary was also released regarding the show.
Lahore Arts Council Board of Governors Chairperson Maneza Hashmi welcomed the journalists. She informed the media at the conference that Alhamra has a unique perspective on women that is why in March, Alhamra’s leadership organized Women’s Day for the first time. Hashmi said that continuing the tradition, Alhamra is going to hold an important seminar next week with Breast Cancer Awareness. The purpose of this seminar is to educate women on the symptoms of this disease and how to prevent it, she added. Hashmi said UNESCO country head was visited Alhamra, where both sides talked about improving the bilateral relations, so we hope that in the future Alhamra will represent its plate form in a better way on the international.
Saman Rai thanked the media at the end of the conference saying that Alhamra is truly proud of its relationship with all kind of media. Alhamra has played an important role in all sort of awareness campaigns so that the council will continue its tradition in the future as well, so please be the part of that breast cancer awareness eminar.
Various musical performances were presented on the occasion.

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