PSP is practicing politics of uniting all sub nationalities, Mustafa Kamal

Karachi  (HRNW)  Pak-Sarzameen party chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday said that PSP would hold a grand public rally of Pukhtoon community on February 28 at Sohrab Goth Al-Asif Square and shall prove that there is no room for ethnic politics. The evil tactics to cause rifts and clashes amongst brothers from different ethnic backgrounds would be thwarted once and for all as PSP is practicing politics of uniting all sub nationalities.

Time has proved that neither winning mean success and nor lossing correspond to failure. Today, PSP has emerged as much stronger and more popular political force than the so-called winners of 2018 general elections. People from every walk of life are joining PSP today in great numbers.

In response of PPP biased politics, it is very easy to indulge into ethnic politics, we can also indulge in such politics ethnics, however we are cognizant that consequences of such politics are lethal and deadly. We will never persue ethnic politics at any cost.

While on standing on the container, Imran Khan before becoming the Prime Minister, used to say that the job of MPA/MNA is to make legislations, and declared development funds as political bribe, but today he himself is providing funds to MNAs and MPAs for sewerage lines, and thereby legitimising the political bribe.

The Prime Minister is unable to fix the census issue, but he must not sign the wrong count of population of Karachi too. Let it be controversial. We have held a very peaceful rally on the census, but the rulers have turned deaf ears and blind eyes. If the state is not ready to count us correctly, then they won’t be able to blame us later, so now we will show a small trailer of the film, next Friday we will protest by blocking the road in Liaquatabad against the wrong census. If the matter is not resolved, we will surround the Governor’s House and hold protest there. Accurate census is a matter of our generations
PSP will go to great lengths to get this corrected. The Sindh government says that local bodies elections cannot be held without the results of the census. I request the Supreme Court to reject the government’s statement. More than 1.5 lac local body representatives have been sent to home in the country. Provincial governments which have seized all the power and resources are looking for excuses not to hold local elections. The government and the opposition are blaming and manipulating each other for the Senate. People are dying but neither the government nor the opposition care.

He expressed these views while addressing a Press conference at Pakistan House on the occasion of famous Karachi businessman Abdul Rehman Dawi’s joining to PSP along with his associates.

President PSP Anis Kaim Khani and other central officials were also present on the occasion. He further said that five of our comrades were martyred in the five year struggle but till date we have not pelted anyone with a single stone. He said that PPP is abusing the people of Hyderabad and Karachi by closing the doors of jobs. PPP is also oppressing the Sindhis, the PPP is also oppressing the residents from Larkana to Thar.

PSP will not allow any oppressed person to remain in the clutches of tyrant rulers.

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