Lahore man confesses to killing British-Pakistani Mayra Zulfiqar

Lahore (HRNW) A Lahore man has confessed to murdering a British-Pakistani woman on May 3, the police said Monday.

Zahid Jadoon, who has secured interim bail in the case, was taken into police custody earlier and asked about his friendship with the woman.

The police claimed that he admitted to murdering Mayra Zulfiqar at her house in Lahore’s DHA.

It is also being reported that the police have approached the investigation team which probed the Lahore motorway rape case for their help in the case.

The woman was found dead in a house in Lahore’s DHA Phase V on May 3.

According to the investigating officer, the victim was a British national and had come to Pakistan two months back. She was living with a friend in a house in the neighbourhood.


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