Locals ecstatic amid hailstones, light rain in Karachi

KARACHI (HRNW) – The people of Karachi were in a state of joy and excitement on Friday as the city experienced a rare phenomenon of hailstones accompanied by light rain.

Multiple areas of the city including Orangi, Surjani, New Karachi, North Karachi, Gulistan-e-Jauher, Gulshan-e-Maymar, and Port Qasim were hit by light rain under the influence of a westerly wave.

According to a weather expert, rain clouds were formed in the city’s South-South East, which caused the unusual weather pattern. The weather expert also mentioned that the hailstones that were reported in some parts of the city were an unusual occurrence.

Residents of Malir’s model colony reported hail and heavy rain in the area, which caused excitement among the locals. Many people shared their experiences on social media and expressed their happiness at the rare weather event.

The rare occurrence of hailstones and light rain brought some much-needed joy and happiness to the people of Karachi.