Karachi’s drains remain choked despite approaching monsoon

Pic30-049 KARACHI: Jul30- Traffic personnel performing his duty during the monsoon rainy weather Road in provincial capital. ONLINE PHOTO by Sabir Mazhar

Karachi (HRNW)  Monsoon rains are about to hit the country and Karachi’s streets are expected to be inundated once again since the city’s major drains haven’t been cleaned yet.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has forecast 20% more rain this year than usual. Director Sardar Sarfaraz has also warned of urban flooding in Karachi.

If the city witnesses around 100 to 150mm of rain in around only an hour or two, the streets will be filled up to the knees in no time as the water chokes drains if they are not clean.

On other other hand, Mayor Wasim Akhtar said the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation doesn’t have enough funds to clean the choking points of the 40 major drains in the city. We can only clean the drains if more workers are recruited or we’re given ample funds, he said.

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