German football chief Keller ‘unhappy’ with one-year balance

German football federation (DFB) chief Fritz Keller has been president of the world’s largest sports organization for just over a year but is self-critical of what he’s achieved.

“I am unhappy with what I have managed from goals at the DFB,” Keller told Focus magazine in an interview to be published Saturday.

Progress has been made in resolving the 2006 World Cup affair in which a dubious payment of 6.7 million euros (7.9 million dollars) made in 2005 “but we have to pick up the speed of the overall reforms,” the 63-year-old said.

The DFB also needs to step up in the areas of environmental and economic sustainability while becoming neither populist or acting on behalf of politicians.

“We cannot be afraid of sometimes taking on an uncomfortable role,” Keller said, which includes footballers expressing their beliefs in public.

“It cannot be that the DFB hangs up a banner against racism in the stadium and at the same time not allow players to position themselves against racism,” said Keller, elected federation chief on September 27, 2019, after previously being president of Freiburg.

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