Cabinet, including Imran Niazi, are unfamiliar with the constitution and law, Saeed Ghani

Islamabad (HRNW) Sindh Education and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani has said that 80 per cent members of his cabinet, including Imran Niazi, are unfamiliar with the constitution and law. The fortress of transparency in the PTI, which pretends to be transparent in the elections, was opened during the vote of confidence, when the Prime Minister gave confidence to the 16 members who had not voted for him the day before by giving NROs. Took votes from them. If Shibli Faraz’s father Faraz Ahmad Faraz were alive today, he would have killed his son by joining PTI. Shibli Faraz’s blatant announcement that he will win the election of the Chairman of the Senate by any means is very serious and the Election Commission and the Supreme Court should take notice of this, because the Constitution and the law of the country do not allow anyone to use any such tactic.

Does not allow The March 12 election of the Senate chairman will be the last nail in the coffin of the current Niazi government. Today, the PDM has won another victory, when after the High Court, the Election Commission also thwarted the Niazi government’s attempt to block the notification of Yousuf Raza Gilani’s victory. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday. Saeed Ghani said that in view of the increase in the number of corona patients in seven cities of Punjab and Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, only in those cities, according to the decisions taken in the NCOC today regarding educational institutions. Educational institutions have been closed for 15 days. However, no educational institutions are being closed in Sindh and Balochistan.

He said that already in Sindh province, after consultation with the steering committee of the education department, we have announced to allow 50 per cent children to come in educational institutions from March 1 and we are working on it as well as all SOPs. And monitoring has also been tightened. He said that so far 141 schools and 4 colleges in Sindh province have been closed for a few days after reports of coronavirus patients and if any such situation arises in more educational institutions, we will take action against this school. Or close the college for 15 days. On this occasion, he said that Shibli Faraz had come on a private channel yesterday and openly announced that he would use every means to elect the chairman of the senate and would not abide by any rules, this is a very serious matter.

And the Election Commission and the Supreme Court should take note of this. Saeed Ghani said that Shibli Faraz said on the video of Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son that if it was my son, I would have married him but I would say that if Faraz Ahmed Faraz was alive today, he would have joined Shibli Faraz in PTI. He would have made them his own just by doing it. He said that Imran Khan used every tactic to get a vote of confidence and now he wants to do the same for the election of the chairman of the senate but he will not succeed in it and inshallah the current incompetent on March 12, The last nail will be nailed in the coffin of incompetent and corrupt government. Replying to a question, Saeed Ghani said that the use of every tactic of Shibli Faraz has made it clear that this election will be held despite the absence of PTI numbers. Wants to win and will conspire to use bullying and institutions for this.

To a question, he said that the cat has now come out of the PTI’s bag with the slogan of transparency in the Senate elections and 16 of its own members in the Senate have announced to disclose their names to the Election Commission. Despite this, they did not reveal their names but were given NROs and a vote of confidence was taken. Replying to a question, Saeed Ghani said that for the first time, the Chairman Election Commission, using its constitutional and legal powers, had given arguments before the Supreme Court. Instead of being applauded by Imran Khan, his character was tarnished. “We are not against transparency in the elections, but the tactic that Imran Niazi wanted to use on the eve of the Senate elections through presidential ordinances and other means, he had to see his clear defeat behind it and he It was certain that the members of the Assembly themselves were displeased with him for what he had done to this country in the last two years. Responding to a question, he said that 80 per cent of his cabinet members, including the Prime Minister, were unfamiliar with the Constitution and the law. He said that allegations of corruption leveled by PTI against other political parties do not suit him as PTI itself as a party is a corrupt party and they have foreign funding or intra party elections or Balochistan in the current Senate elections.

From Abdul Qadir to Sindh and to Abro from Sindh in exchange for crores of rupees, it has become clear to the nation. He said that it was not good for a party which was involved in corruption to call other parties corrupt. In response to another question, Saeed Ghani said that the faces and hanging faces of the PTI members and their body language at the moment were proving that they were convinced that they were now on their way. The time has come to run and his government can no longer run.

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