Human rights a reason Dutch company won’t provide grass for Qatar WC

Human rights concerns are among the reason why a Dutch company is not delivering the grass for football pitches to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

The Hendriks Graszoden company has provided the grass for tournaments including the 2006 World Cup in Germany and the Euros 2008 in Austria and Switzerland and 2016 in France.

The company was also invited to make offers for Qatar but manager Gerdien Vloet told regional L1 radio on Friday “we have seen what is happening in Qatar.

She added to RTL: “It was a about an order in the millions (of euros) but sometimes other things are more important than money.”

Qatar has been under attack for the treatment of migrant workers and British paper The Guardian said that 6,500 workers from five Asian countries have died in the country since it was awarded the World Cup in 2010.

Qatar has said the number is not unusual and said that only 37 people have died at stadiuzm construction sites, only three of them work-related.

But Hendriks Graszoden also pulled out because of quality concerns, rejecting having the grass cultivated with the help of local companies in Qatar, and naming bring the grass over by plane as too expensive.

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