MPA Chaudhry Nisar’s attempt to take oath ‘blocked’

Lahore (HRNW) Punjab MPA Chaudhry Nisar was all set to take oath after three years but he couldn’t because of the absence of Punjab Assembly speaker and deputy speaker.

He claimed that he had written a letter and informed the Punjab Assembly administration and Election Commission of Pakistan a week ago. “But they didn’t let me take oath today,” Nisar said while speaking to the media outside the assembly building. “It is absolutely wrong to block my oath-taking like this.”

Nisar, who won the PP-10 (Rawalpindi) seat during the 2018 General Election, said that he has decided to take oath after the government’s attempt to bring an ordinance on disqualification of assembly members.

“The process for qualification, election, and disqualification of lawmakers have been clearly stated in the Constitution,” he remarked, adding that the government is bringing the ordinance because it wants the power to disqualify people.

“I am not part of any political game,” he added.


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